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Social Security Disability Benefits and Drugs that Cloud Your Brain

One of the many questions that you are asked in the Social Security Disability claim process is what medication you are using.

Many people are unaware that pain killers, antihistamines, and various other medications can adversely effect brain functions. These drugs are called Anticholinergics can effect the action of Acetylcholine which is a chemical messenger with a range of functions in the body including memory function and cognitive function.

Anticholinergics drugs can be cumulative and, according the Journal of American Geriatrics Society, researchers found that “those taking more than one Anticholinergics drugs will have lower cognitive function than those that are not using any such drug.” The death rate among the study of users was 68% hire.

It is suspected that the Anticholinergics drugs take a “toll on the body organs and systems like cardiovascular systems adn although there are no studies to confirm this” according to Dr. Chris Fox, a Senior Lecturer at Norwich Medical School.

Statistics show that of 36 million Americans, 20% take at least one Anticholinergics medication.

According to Dr. Bostani, Director of the Wishard Healthy Aging Brain Center, if you are taking one of the drugs that is an Anticholinergics for 60 days, you double the odds of developing cognitive impairment. It’s important that in the course of your Social Security Disability claim that you advise the Social Security Administration whether or not you are having any cognitive effects as the result of any medication that you might be taking. This can make the difference between securing your Social Security Disability benefits or being denied those benefits.

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied and your are taking multiple medications, you should contact us to learn how you too might get your Social Security Disability benefits. Contact us at 727.894.3188 for a no obligation consultation.

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