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Have You Been “Diggled”? – Long Term Disability Denied Lawyer

I just got a call from someone who had looked at our website and was set to have his statement taken by the long term disabilty investigator. He did not know what to do!i

If you get a call from a long term disabilty carrier asking to take your statement you might be “Diggled”. That is a term I created to describe the tactics of some investigators.

These long term disability carrier investigator’s, including Hartford’s Mr. Diggle, will interview your neighbors about your activities. That is ok but if he changes what they say that is being “Diggled”. You may be want to warn your neighbors about being contacted by a long term disability investigator!

I don’t suggest you ever talk with an investigator without a lawyer being present. Read my article about the horrors of a long term disability investigator at your door.

You will be accussed of being a fraud! You will be interrogated and not interviewed! And, you will be asked to sign a statement he quickly prepares that will destroy your claim! Don’t have an interview with a long term disabilty investigator or sign any statements they prepare. Don’t be ‘Diggled” … be prepared!

If the long term disability carrier is calling you to take your statement or to send an investigator to your house, contact Nancy Cavey, the long term disability denied attorney, who can help you be prepared for this crucial statement. Nancy Cavey represents those nation wide who have applied for or who have been denied long term disability benefits.

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