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CIGNA Featured in ABC News Article About Claims Practices and Denying Long Term Disability Benefits

Florida based Long Term Disability ERISA lawyer Nancy Cavey, is aware of an industry wide Long Term Disability carriers practices of deliberately delaying benefits. CIGNA was recently featured in a Good Morning America “Gets Answered” story in April 2008 about CIGNA’s denial of Long Term Disability benefits of Susan Kristoff from West Palm Beach, Florida who had spent two years trying to get her benefits. During the course of ABC’s investigation CIGNA reversed their denial and paid her claim.

More importantly, after the story, Good Morning America was “flooded with e-mails from viewers across the country, who said they too had unfairly denied disability benefits from CIGNA despite submitting extensive medical evidence that they were too sick to work.” In an article by Chis Kromo and Gerry Wagshal of June 27, 2008 wrote about the stories of the many CIGNA policyholders whose claims have been denied.

The U.S. House of Representatives Larson and Schultz, D-Florida, indicated that they wanted to “pursue legislation that would penalize insurance companies if they wrongly deny claims.” Unfortunately, this legislation has not passed the United States Congress.

At The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, our hearts go out to those who have to fight to get their Long Term Disability coverage. Long Term Disability attorney Nancy Cavey, who’s father collected Long Term Disability and Social Security benefits, understands first hand the struggles in getting the benefits that are rightfully due.

If you have any reservations about how your Long Term Disability claim will be handled, I suggest that you read the article and view the video about CIGNA denying Long Term Disability insurance benefits and contact our CIGNA disability insurance claims lawyer today.

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  • Kristy E Bassett
    Reply July 27, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Cigna short-term disability and long-term disability . Really screwed up things in my life . I was denied twice and they waited on the short-term transferring me from worker to worker and tell my 12 weeks was up . So I had had got an attorney and he filed and was totally surprised when they denied me again for the same reason which they did not state the reason. I applied for Social Security disability insurance while waiting on Cigna and I was approved for Social Security disability insurance my first application. Still Segnette denied my short-term disability . When the doctor stated I could no longer work my employer fired me . They called me in the morning and asked me if I was ready to go back to work and if my doctor had released me . I said no I can’t go back to work because I cannot do it work as a CNA . Nurses aide so that afternoon I was called back and let go . So I had to use my retirement account money to pay my cobra premium of $587 per month to keep my medical insurance . They had me under so much stress for over a year it was very very bad. My attorney told me the only other thing I could do would go to the Supreme Court and he actually doesn’t do cases like that and I know he tried very hard . But apparently a nurse practitioner is the one that decided in my case . And some medical people who have never seen me at all . This is been hell for me and my family will last year and 1/2 or so and I don’t know if there’s any other steps I can take .

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