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Representing Prudential Life Insurance Disability Insurance Policy Holders

Prudential Financial Company is a holding company that offers a variety of financial and insurance products to both individuals and businesses. This includes life insurance, short term and long-term group disability insurance coverage, accidental death and dismemberment policy and other types of insurance coverage. Prudential Insurance Company was been the subject of insurance regulators investigations in 1996, which resulted in a settlement of the claim that they had been “churning” which a process in which agents generate commissions by inducing policy holders to trade up to more expensive policies. Attorney Nancy Cavey practices disability insurance law throughout the United States,...

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Prudential Insurance Company Ordered Response to Long Term Disability Request for Claims Guidelines

Long Term Disability carriers hide behind many defenses one of which is that you are not entitled to learn the basis of the denial or analyze the nature of the information the Long Term Disability carrier considered in making the decision. In a recent case of Grams v. American Medical Industries under Prudential Insurance Company, my good friend and colleague, Claudeth Henry, fought the Prudential Insurance Company on these discovery issues and won! The court has ruled that Ms. Grams is entitled to analyze how Prudential reached this decision to deny benefits and analyzed...

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