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What Every Social Security Disability Applicant with Cardiovascular Problems Needs to Know About Meeting a Cardiological Listing

Cardiovascular Problems Disability Attorney Claims

[vc_row triangle_shape="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a 5 step sequential evaluation in every Social Security Disability claim to determine whether or not the applicant is entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. At Step 3 of the 5 Step Sequential evaluation, the Social Security Administration will ask if you meet the elements of cardiovascular listing 4.00. If you meet Listing 4.00, you will automatically be entitled to you disability benefits at Step 3. What is a Cardiovascular Impairment? The SSA defines a cardiovascular impairment as “any disorder that affects the proper function of the heart or the circulatory system including arteries, veins, capillaries...

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