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Principal Financial Group got its start in Iowa in 1879 as Banker’s Life and in 1985 became the Principal Financial Group (Principal). It is based in Des Moines, Iowa where it employs over 9,000 people. In the 1990s it expanded internationally and has offices all over the world. Today it is a global financial services and insurance company with over 5,000 employees outside of the U.S. It has an operating income in the U.S. is over 1.1 billion dollars. Our Principal Financial disability claims lawyer is ready to assist you throughout the process if you are pursuing a disability claim.

There are tried and true disputes with Principal Financial in the disability arena.  Those disputes include the date of disability, claims for residual disability when the professional continues to work, the occupation the policyholder was performing when they became disabled, total disability, and the coordination of the Principal policy with other ID policies or ERISA group disability policies the policyholder may own.

That coordination is a key issue since many of my Principal clients have more than one disability policies with different carriers. It is like untangling Christmas tree lights before you plug them in. I have written the go-to book for professionals called the Disability Insurance Claim Guide for Professionals.  You owe it to yourself and your family to get a copy of that book before you stop working and apply for benefits.   After all, you have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in schooling and training and you need to know if you have adequately protected your career. While you may work regularly with insurance companies, you are not an expert on disability insurance. Fewer than 200 lawyers in the United States are what I would call an expert, and I am one of them.

Principal will Utilize the Following Tactics:

  • In-house nurses to review medical records and reach medical conclusions about the policy-holders restrictions and limitations even though those nurses may have no training in or qualifications to render any opinions about the policyholder’s medical conditions,
  • Biased medical peer review providers to create medical justifications for a claim’s denial so Principal can claim that you are capable of performing the material and substantial duties of your occupation,
  • In-house accountants to determine your pre-disability earnings and calculate your residual benefits, based on their analysis of your books, billings, and schedule,
  • Surveillance companies to discredit the policyholder’s complaints,
  • Any excuse to schedule a personal visit to your home to show you the “Dancing with the Stars” video they have and give you the “we got you now” award that will result in a claim’s termination.
  • In-house vocational evaluators to misclassify your occupation and your ability to perform your occupation, perform questionable transferrable skills analysis, and misinterpret the wages of and availability of other occupations it will claim the policyholder can do to justify the denial or termination of benefits.

Your claim is a very expensive claim and will cost them big bucks.  If the Principal denies a claim they will fight. After all, Principal has nothing to lose! That is why you need an experienced lawyer on your side who regularly battles Principal.

A Skilled Disability Attorney Can Help You with Your Principal Claim by:

  • Reviewing your policies,
  • Reviewing your medical records,
  • Create a pre-claim strategy to get your benefits on the initial application,
  • Appeal a wrongful denial or termination by writing an appeal letter 25 to 60 pages long that is the trial of your case and goes to Principal in a box,
  • Protect you from aggressive claims handling, such as delaying, the, claiming to need more information, wanting to take your statement, or wanting to have you under an independent medical examination or FCE,
  • Aggressively litigating your case, if need be.

Don’t let Principal delay, deny, or terminate your benefits.

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Nancy Cavey has years of experience when it comes to dealing with Principal disability insurance claims. With this experience and a clear understanding of the tactics they use to deny or minimize claim payouts, you can be sure that she will work tirelessly to ensure you get the maximum benefits you deserve. Contact the Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey today to learn more about how we can help you with your claim for disability insurance benefits.