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At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, our Lloyds of London disability claims attorney provides top-quality professional representation to people and families. With a focus on holding big insurance companies accountable for paying claims, our firm has successfully represented more than 5,000 clients. Whether you are filing a claim for the first time or your benefits were denied, we are more than prepared to offer guidance. To set up a free, fully private consultation with an experienced Florida disability lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact our St. Petersburg law office.

An Overview of Lloyds of London Disability Claims

Lloyds of London (Lloyds) is one of the oldest remaining insurance carriers in the world. It was founded in the late 17th century. Unlike most of its competitors in the industry, Lloyds of London is not a corporation. Instead, Lloyd’s is a corporate body that is governed by the United Kingdom’s Lloyd’s Act 1871. Lloyd’s offers insurance and reinsurance, including disability policies.

Although Lloyds of London is technically not a corporation, it has many of the same financial incentives as other large insurance companies. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a claim paid by Lloyd’s or other big insurers. An experienced disability claims lawyer can protect your rights and help you secure the benefits that you need to support yourself and your family.

Are You Struggling to Recover Disability Benefits?

If your short-term disability benefits or long-term disability benefits were denied by Lloyds of London, you still have legal options available. An insurance company is not in a position to make the final decision on your case. You can appeal a denial by Lloyds of London. To do so effectively, you must submit a well-prepared appeal that directly addresses the reasoning used to deny your claim. Some common reasons why short-term and long-term disability claims are denied include:

  • Errors in the disability paperwork;
  • Insufficient medical evidence;
  • Disputes over medical records;
  • Policy exclusions; and
  • Bad faith settlement tactics.

Disability Appeals: Know the Deadlines

When bringing a disability appeal through Lloyd’s of London, it is imperative that you take prompt action. The initial appeal is generally an administrative appeal—it is an appeal sent directly to the insurance company. If you have a Lloyd’s of London disability policy through an employer, then you generally have 180 days after a denial to submit your first appeal. If you have Lloyd’s of London disability coverage from the individual private market, you may have less time to act.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Steps Do I Need to Take to File for Disability?

To file for disability benefits, you will need to complete the application and submit it along with comprehensive medical records. For employer-based policies, you should be able to obtain the proper forms through your supervisor or HR department. For individual policies, the forms can be accessed from Lloyd’s of London directly. If you have any questions about filling out your initial disability application, our attorney can help.

What Formula Does Lloyds of London Use to Calculate Disability Benefits?

Disability benefits are calculated based on the specific terms of your plan. In general, disability benefits are paid as a percentage of pre-disability income (40 percent, 50, percent, 60 percent, etc). The amount that you will receive will depend on the type of policy that you have.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Disability Attorney to Help With My Claim?

It will not cost you anything out of pocket. At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, disability representation is provided on a contingency fee basis—meaning our law firm only gets paid when we help your clients recover financial benefits. We are here to protect your best interests.

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We can help. At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, our Florida Lloyds of London disability lawyer is a compassionate, justice-driven advocate for people and families. With nearly four decades of experience, our lead attorney knows how to hold big insurance companies accountable. If your disability claim was turned down by Lloyds of London, professional representation is available. Give us a call now or reach out to us directly online for a free review of your disability claim. Our law firm is proud to provide statewide and nationwide disability representation.