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St. Petersburg ERISA lawyersSt. Petersburg is known as the “Sunshine City!” We are famous for arts and culture, dining and the Tampa Bay Rays. These attractions make St. Petersburg a diverse and appealing destination for all ages and keep many different businesses alive and providing jobs. However, there seems to be a general lack of awareness in regards to disability plans and benefits. Our St. Petersburg ERISA Disability Attorney has seen this in many different industries.

Did you know there are 7 major types of industries in St. Petersburg? They include:

  • Governmental
  • Manufacturing,
  • Defense and Homeland Security,
  • Aviation and Aerospace,
  • Life Sciences,
  • Business and financial services, and
  • IT

Many employers, even sophisticated employers in the St. Petersburg area, are not fully aware of the terms of the disability plans or policies they offer to their employees or even how the disability plan or disability insurance carrier behaves when a claim is made. They are often astonished to hear many of the arguments the disability plan or disability carrier uses to deny or terminate their employee’s claims:

  • Your disability is excluded under the pre-existing condition clause,
  • You were disabled long enough to qualify for disability benefits,
  • You can do your occupation as defined in the policy or plan,
  • Your doctor does not support your claim,
  • Your medical records don’t support your disability,
  • Your benefits are limited to just two years because there is a mental nervous limitation in your policy or plan,
  • Your benefits are limited to just two years because your condition is considered a subjective medical condition,
  • You can perform any occupation in the national economy,
  • Your benefits are reduced by the receipt of worker’s compensation, social security or a personal injury settlement.

These are just some of the games that disability carriers or plans play with an initial disability claim application or even a claim that is being paid. Disability carriers and plans make mockery of the golden rule! They love collecting gold premium dollars from you and then denying or terminating benefits. If you are being victimized by a disability carrier or plan’s “Golden Rule,” it’s time to call the Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey and have our St. Petersburg ERISA Disability Attorney help you.

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We are attorneys who specialize in ERISA and St. Petersburg individual disability insurance claims. We know how ERISA disability and individual disability carriers think, the games they play and how to get the disability benefits you deserve.

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