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At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, we represent policyholders and beneficiaries in claims against the American United Life Insurance Company. With nearly four decades of experience, Florida disability lawyer Nancy L. Cavey has served thousands of clients. If you are having a difficult time getting your short-term or long-term disability benefits, we are here to help. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation review of your claim with our American United disability claims lawyer.

What to Know About American United Disability Insurance

The American United Life Insurance Company is headquartered in Indiana and operates nationwide. The company is a subsidiary of a larger firm called OneAmerica Financial Partners. Through a range of operating companies—including American United Life—OneAmerica Financial Partners offers a wide range of group insurance policies, including short-term and long-term disability coverage.

Sadly, many people struggle to get their disability benefits from large insurance carriers such as the American United Life Insurance Company. Above all else, these types of businesses are focused on protecting their own bottom line. It is not uncommon for disability claims to be delayed, underpaid, or even rejected on spurious grounds. You need to know how to take action to protect your rights if your claim is denied by American United.

Why Are Disability Claims Denied?

Was your short-term disability claim or long-term disability claim denied by the American United Life Insurance Company? If so, you have the right to file an appeal. An appeal will only be successful if you can directly challenge the reasoning the company used to justify its denial. Review the disability denial letter to see why American United Life Insurance denied your benefits. Common reasons why disability claims are denied in Florida include:

  • Failure to comply with a key deadline;
  • An error in the disability paperwork;
  • Lack of supporting documents or records;
  • Issues with medical records/information;
  • Small errors in the initial application;
  • The use of policy exclusions by the insurance company; and
  • Bad faith disability settlement practices.

Dealing with a disability denial from American United Life is deeply frustrating. The good news is that you are not alone. To protect your rights, save a copy of your disability denial letter, gather and organize all of your records and information, and schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced disability lawyer. Do not wait to get started: There are strict deadlines to filing an appeal with American United.

American United Company Disability Claims Lawyer Denials: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should I Do to Apply for Disability Benefits With American United Company?
To file for disability with American United Life Insurance Company, you need a copy of the official claims form. For those who have employer-based disability insurance, your boss or the HR department should be able to help. Otherwise, you can get the information directly from American United. Make sure you submit a comprehensive, well-supported initial claim. If you have any questions about getting started with the process, call our American United disability claims lawyer for immediate help.

How Long do American United Company Disability Benefits Last?
Disability benefits will last until your condition improves or until you hit the maximum amount of coverage offered by your policy. Most often, short-term disability benefits are capped at six months. Though, your limit may be longer or shorter. Long-term disability benefits may be paid for several years, sometimes even until a worker’s average retirement age. Call our American United disability claims attorney for more information about your case.

Can I Afford an Attorney to Help With My Disability Appeal?
Yes. You can always afford to hire a top-rated disability appeals lawyer in Florida. At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, we are proud to represent clients with our no-fee guarantee. Initial consultations are free and our law firm only gets paid when we win or settle your disability case. There are no upfront costs. Our American United disability lawyer is ready to help you navigate the claims process.

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At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, our Florida disability attorney has the skills, tenacity, and legal experience to hold large insurance companies accountable for paying claims. If your disability coverage was denied by American United, we are more than ready to help. Contact our team now for a no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation. From our law office in St. Petersburg, we represent people throughout Florida.