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Fibromyalgia and Your Long Term Disability Claim

Long Term Disability carriers, like UNUM Life Insurance Company of America, frustrate those with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is in some way a self reported disease which relies on a circuit board of symptoms and a physical examination that shows tender parts of your body on examination;

It is important that you look at your Long Term Disability policy to determine whether or not there are any kinds of limitations on self reported conditions or a specific exclusion for Fibromyalgia. There also may be a limit for the payment of benefits for self-reported conditions of Fibromyalgia with a maximum of 24 months of benefits.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you need to review your Long Term Disability plan before you apply for Long Term Disability benefits. Any Long Term Disability claim for fibromyalgia should be coordinated with a Social Security Disability claim. Why? Most of the time Long Term Disability benefits limit fibromyalgia or self reported claims to 24 months of benefits. Here in Florida, it takes 24 months to get Social Security Disability benefits, so you want to be applying for Social Security Disability benefits as quickly as possible so that when a Long Term Disability carrier stops your Long Term Disability benefits, your Social Security Disability benefits pick up. If you have any questions regarding the coordination of these claims, contact Florida based Cavey and Barrett, who specializes in Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability claims.

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