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Is The Clock Ticking On Your ERISA Long Term Disability Benefits?

The clock is ticking on your ERISA long-term disability case.  Getting your long-term disability benefits can be challenging.  If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition and have applied for and been denied your disability benefits, you need to understand that the clock is ticking. Retirement Income Security Act – Most long-term disability policies offered by employers are governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  If you have been denied long-term disability benefits, or your benefits were terminated, you will have 180 days to appeal the insurance company’s denial.  The appeal process is a crucial part of winning...

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When Pain Makes You Unable to Work, We Show You How to Get Your Long Term Disability Benefits

Pain can be a monkey on your back that prevents you from working. You might have pain as a result of chronic migraines or a herniated disk that causes back or leg pain. There are an estimated 160 million sufferers of chronic pain in the United States according to the Institute of Medicine. If your doctor has told you that you are unable to work as a result of chronic pain, you may be entitled to long term disability benefits. You can learn all about the long term disability claims process and your rights to wage payments by ordering your...

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If Chronic Migraines Make it Impossible for You to Work, We Can Explain Your Rights to Long Term Disability Benefits

If a chronic migraine situation results in disability, and you are enrolled in a group or individual long term disability policy, you may qualify to receive lost wages under the long term disability system. Did you know that the ratio of women to men suffering severe pains from migraines is two to one? It is important that you set realistic expectations with your doctor about treatment outcomes. There might not be a cure to your migraine headache and physicians will work with you to find the right treatment regimen that will make you more functional. If your physician doesn’t think you...

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Delays in Critical Care After Heart Attack Are a Matter of Life or Death

If you have purchased a disability plan through a private insurer or have coverage through an employer, you may be entitled to long term disability benefits if you suffered from a heart attack. Researchers at Duke University reported that when heart attack victims are taken to hospitals that aren’t equipped to perform life saving procedures, the victim should be transferred to another hospital within 30 minutes. Yet, a new study found that only one in ten patients is transferred in time. The researchers found that the patients whose transfers were delayed were more likely to die- in fact 6% of those who...

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Cardiac Implant Infection Increase

According to the Journal of American Cardiology, the incidence of infections in implantable cardiac devices has tripled since 1993. If you had an infection after a cardiac implant that results in you being disabled, you may be entitled to long term disability benefits if you purchased a disability policy from a private insurer or have coverage through an employer. The Journal of the American College of Cardiology report, indicated that the reasons for the increase in infections after a cardiac implant aren’t clear, but “a recipient’s agent current health may be a factor”August 30, 2011 Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Consulting...

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Chocolate and Your Heart

If you suffer from a heart condition that results in disability, you may be entitled to long term disability benefits if you purchased a disability plan from a private insurer or have coverage through your employer. A recent report published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), showed that “high levels of chocolate consumption are associated with a significant reduction of the risk of certain cardiovascular disorders”. The report revealed that “eating chocolate was linked to low rates of stroke, coronary artery disease, blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions”. Unfortunately, there was no beneficial effect for the risk of heart failure or...

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September is Pain Awareness Month

According to a study by the Institute of Medicine, chronic pain affects more Americans than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. Over 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. If you have purchased a private group disability policy you might be entitled to long term disability benefits if you suffer from chronic pain. Nancy Cavey, Florida based long term disability attorney, explains that “pain is a major consideration in many long term disability claims”. It’s important that your medical records document that there is an objective reason that you have pain and how your pain impacts your ability to run, walk, see,...

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The Secret to Getting Your Long Term Disability Benefits as a Result of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has many causes, these can include: Heart disease Family history of hearing loss Working in a noisy environment Hearing loss effects more than just your ability to hear, it can limit your inability to interact with family friends and co-workers. If you have a long term disability policy and suffer hearing loss, you should apply for disability benefits. While it’s not uncommon for disability carriers to provide benefits while you are going through a treatment, including cochlear implants, don’t be surprised if the long term disability carrier denies benefits after your cochlear implant on the basis that you will be able to...

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Is Your Financial Future Vulnerable Because You Bought the Wrong Long Term Disability Policy

Many physicians, lawyers and accountants think that because they have a group long term disability policy through their employer, they don’t need to have an individual disability policy. That’s a big mistake that can jeopardize your financial future because: Most group long term disability policies cover 60% of base income and, have a monthly benefit cap. So, for example, you receive a great end of the year bonus, that bonus won’t be included in calculating your benefits. Worse yet, can you live off of 60% of your base income where your long term disability benefit is taxable. It is possible that an individual...

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The Truth About How Long Term Disability Carriers Try to Clean Up Their Books

Unfortunately, many long term disability carriers try to clean up their books every quarter just before they have to make quarterly reports to their share holders. It’s not uncommon for many long term disability policy holders to get letters stating that their long term disability benefits were denied or terminated. If you’ve been denied long term disability benefits in Virginia or your benefits were terminate, the clock is ticking. You have 180 days to appeal the insurance companies decision to deny or terminate your benefits and many long term disability carriers are waiting for that clock to run out hoping that...

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