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Choosing a Social Security Disability Attorney in Your State | FL SSD Attorney

What: Should You Choose a Social Security Disability Attorney to Represent You in Your State? There are Social Security Disability hearings offices all throughout the state of Florida. We at Cavey and Barrett, handle Social Security Disability claims throughout the state. What is important is having a Social Security Disability attorney that understands the Social Security Disability system in the state you are filing for benefits in. That can make the difference between winning or not winning the Social Security Disability benefits and back benefits to which you are entitled. It doesn’t matter...

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Living with Your Pain | Social Security Disability Lawyer in Tampa

When you apply for Social Security Disability you are going to be asked about your ability to function on a daily basis. Even though you may live with your pain everyday, the Social Security Administration has no idea what your day is like unless you tell them. It’s important when you complete any Social Security Disability forms that you explain: 1. The nature of your pain. 2. The location. 3.  How often you have pain and how long it lasts. 4.  What may trigger your pain. 5.  What impact the pain has on your ability to function around your home. 6.  Side effects of your medication. Please ...

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How to Answer the Question “Why You Can’t Work?” | Social Security Disability

During the course of your Social Security Disability claim you are going to be asked a very crucial question: “Why Can’t You Work?” Why can’t you work eight hours a day, five days a week at a simple job? Most people don’t understand why that question is being asked because they think it is obvious why they can’t work. As a result, they give the “wrong” answer. The Social Security Disability stage process as we discussed in earlier posts explains that you must establish a steps four and five that you can’t do...

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Find Out How Much You Will Recieve for Monthly Social Security Disability

How Do I Know How Much I Get For My Monthly Social Security Disability? If you are wondering how much you will get for your monthly Social Security Disability payments, former Social Security Administration staff attorney, Sharon Barrett, of Tampa Bay’s Cavey and Barrett, suggests that you can calculate the amount of the Social Security Disability benefit you should receive by looking at the following disability calculator: on the Social Security Administration website. If you have other questions about Social Security Disability, do not hesitate to contact Cavey and Barrett today to help answer these...

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What is Work Experience in Your Social Security Disability Claim?

What: Work Experience in Your Social Security Disability Claim The Social Security Administration classifies work as unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled work. This is important at hurtle 5 of the sequential evaluation process when the Social Security Administration is trying to determine whether or not you have work skills from your jobs that are transferable to other employment. It is important that you accurately set forth the nature of the skills that you learned in each of your jobs. An unskilled work is work that can be learned in thirty days or less. Every other...

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Medical Vocational Guidelines and Transferable Skills | Social Security Disability Claims

What: Medical Vocational Guidelines The Social Security Administration uses a grid process to determine whether or not your skills transfer to a job within your physical abilities that exist in significant numbers in the mythical national economy. For example if you are 50 years or older and are limited to sedentary work you will win or lose your Social Security Disability case based on whether or not you have transferable skills to sedentary. On the other hand, if you are 55 years or older then the rule extends to light work. You will win or...

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Patty Duke Says File Your Social Security Disability Claim Online! | Social Security Disability Attorney

How many of you remember Patty Duke in the 1960’s TV series “The Patty Duke Show”? In an interesting new ad for the Social Security Administration, Patty Duke promoted using the Social Security Administrations online services. You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits online; there is no need for you to drive to the local Social Security office or wait to get an appointment. You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits online at If you have questions about the Social Security Disability claims process contact Social Security Disability attorney Sharon Barrett based in...

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Finding a Social Security Disability Attorney for Your Sleep Disorder

Do you have any of the following sleep disorders? 1. Problem staying awake 2. Sleep disruptive behaviors 3. Problems with falling or staying asleep 4. Problems with staying on a regular sleep schedule Then the Social Security Disability benefits can be obtained for sleeping disorders that interfere with your ability to function in a work setting. If you or a family member has a sleep disorder and are wondering whether you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, contact Sharon Barrett, your Pasco/Hernando County Social Security Disability attorney....

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FAQ: How To Evaluate Your Medicare Plan while on Social Security Disability Benefits

What: FAQ's About Medicare and Social Security Disability Benefits Once you’ve won your Social Security Disability claim, you’ve become entitled to Medicare 24 months after your money entitlement begins. There are over 45 million people on Medicare but, unfortunately, many people pay for a plan that doesn’t meet their needs. In this series of Frequently Asked Questions, Clearwater Social Security Disability Attorney, Sharon Barrett, will provide you guidance to understand the wide variety of choices available to you as a Medicare recipient. Note that Medicare annual enrollment starts November 15 and ends the 30th, so...

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Chances of Winning Disability Benefits Reduced Without an Attorney?

Can an unrepresented disability claimant win their case? Well, good luck. Most claimants don’t know anything about the 5 Step Sequential Evaluation which we’ve outlined in this website . A disability attorney such as St. Petersburg | Tampa Social Security Disability attorney, Sharon Barrett, will obtain your medical records, review them and develop any medical evidence necessary to establish that you have restrictions and limitations that prevent you from returning to your former occupation. Further, she will develop the evidence to show that there is not a job that exists in the national economy...

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