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Social Security Disability Benefits and Filing Your Income Tax Return

If you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Those benefits might be taxable, the first step in determining if your Social Security Disability benefits are taxable is to determine your “provisional income”. Provisional income is defined as the sum of any gross income earned, taxes on interest and one half of your Social Security Disability benefits. Yes, this is a math test. If you provisional income is greater than $25,000 for a single tax payer or $32,000 for a married tax flier jointly then up to 50% of the Social Security benefits are taxable. In other words, one half of your Social...

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You May Be Entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits if You Have Suffered a Stroke

Did you know that stroke is one of the leading causes of long term disability in the United States? Nearly one quarter of strokes occur in people under that age of 65, and surprisingly 55,000 more women a year than men have a stroke. This risk is increased in women over 30 who smoke and take high estrogen oral contraceptives. If you have suffered a stroke, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. To learn about the Social Security Disability claims process, you can order a complimentary copy of Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits. Strokes can happen to...

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Do You Know the Clues in the Social Security Disability Claim Denial Letter That Tell You What You Need to Improve Your Claim?

The Social Security Administration is required to issue a letter to you explaining whether they are granting or denying your claim, it’s called a “Notice of Decision” letter. If your claim has been denied there are lots of clues that are left in that Notice of Decision letter that explains why the Social Security Administration denied your claim for benefits, it’s almost a form letter! At Cavey and Barrett, we know the clues that are there for you in that Notice of Decision denial letter. Unfortunately, it is not written in English, but is written in Social Security language. If you don’t understand...

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Social Security Disability Benefits are the Subject of Violent Threats

The Social Security Administration’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review reported that between March 2009 and August 2009 there were over twenty-eight violent threats reported at Social Security Disability offices and nine judges were threatened. Social Security judges have difficult decisions to make and the delay in hearing claims has not been caused by an administrative law judge. Unfortunately, part of delay has been the lack of staffing and judges to hear claims but the efforts in the St. Petersburg area has resulted in the opening of a new claims office in St. Petersburg. Threatening an administrative law judge isn’t the way to...

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Is Your Social Security Disability Claim Vulnerable Because Your Social Security Disability Attorney Doesn’t Know the Ten Things that Should Be Done in Every Social Security Disability Claim?

Social Security Disability law is complicated and time consuming. However, an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, such as former Social Security Disability staff attorney, Sharon Barrett, knows that there are ten things that should be done in every Social Security Disability claim: Meet with you personally to discuss your Social Security Disability claim. Explain the Social Security Disability claim’s process and explain the strategy which will be implemented to win your claim. Get a copy of your Social Security file from the Social Security Administration. Get a copy of your medical records. Assess your claim and determine whether or not it will meet Social Security...

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You’ve Made the Difficult Decision To File for Social Security Disability Benefits but How Do You Go About Doing It?

There are three different ways to start the Social Security Disability claims application: Go online at Visit your local Social Security Disability field office. Call them on the phone. Which one is right for you? It really depends on your personal circumstances. If you can’t get to the local Social Security Disability office we suggest that you apply online or by phone. However, we think the wiser choice is to visit the local Social Security Disability  field office if you are able and if you are prepared with the following: A list of all of your medical providers and their addresses. Copies of your medical records. A...

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How Easily You Can Pay For a Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability attorney’s are paid 25% of the retroactive dollar amount of your Social Security Disability benefits, up to $6,000. The retroactive dollar amount it a one time, lump sum payment that Social Security will pay you for the number of months you are entitled to benefits, after a mandatory five, four month waiting period. If, for example, your monthly cash award is $2,000, in the time of the approval process, from the time you were to have the benefits it 12 months, the total retroactive lump sum payment would be $24,000. 25% of $24,000 is $6,000. Your attorney will be paid...

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What does it cost to get a Social Security Disability attorney in Tampa?

Did you know that the Social Security Administration determines the maximum fee that can be charged for a Social Security Disability case? Currently, it's 25% of the retroactive dollar amount of the Social Security benefits awarded not to exceed the maximum amount. If you don't receive your Social Security benefits, there is no fee! There may of course, be charges for items in addition to an attorney's fee such as securing your medical records or having your doctor complete what's called a residual functional capacity forms. For more information about the Social Security Disability claims process, order...

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Are You Afraid You Can’t Afford a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Don't be afraid! Social Security Disability lawyers fee is subject to Social Security rules and regulations. In fact, the rules say that an attorney can't take a fee upfront and, for the most part, Social Security Disability lawyers aren't allowed to bill by the hour or collect a payment for representing a client! So does a Social Security Disability attorney get paid? The Social Security Disability attorney's fee rules say that an attorney can get 25% of the back payment that you may be entitled to. Remember, while the Social Security Administration sets...

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The Black Hole of Social Security Disability Denials and Protecting Your Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability claims process is no doubt very complicated. After your initial application is filed, you probably have to wait sixty to ninety days before you get a decision. If your case is denied, you have three options. They are: Give up. File a brand new Social Security Disability claim. Appeal the denial with the sixty day time frame. What should you do?...

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