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Your Rights to Social Security Benefits – Information the Social Security Administration Rarely Tells You about Your Claim

Are you losing money because you have not filed for benefits or failed to appeal a denial of your claim for benefits?

Don't make a move until you READ this SPECIAL BULLETIN on the Social Security Disability claims process!!

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Thank you for requesting this SPECIAL BULLETIN on YOUR RIGHT TO SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. This bulletin explains what you need to know about the Social Security disability claims process in order to win your claim.


Please note that this bulletin is neither intended as legal advice on your case, nor does it create an attorney/client relationship.


A Social Security Disability Claims Analysis with our office is free of charge, and you can arrange for one today!


Because Security Social Rules and Regulations may require that you take prompt action to keep from losing the right to pursue your claim, you should consult with a qualified attorney IMMEDIATELY! You could be eligible for monthly benefits under two different disability programs administered by the Social Security Administration:

(1.) Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and

(2.) Supplemental Security Income Benefits. Although the definition of disability is the same for both programs, the eligibility requirements differ.

This SPECIAL REPORT will focus on Social Security Disability Benefits. If you are interested in more information concerning Supplemental Security Income Benefits, please call (800) 433-0475, extension 2003 and request our SPECIAL REPORT on SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME BENEFITS.

If you, or someone you care about, suffers from a physical or mental condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for assistance from the Social Security Administration. However, the decision to apply for assistance is not an easy decision to make. The process for applying for benefits is time-consuming and often frustrating.

In addition, working with a government bureaucracy can be overwhelming. Frequently, disabled individuals like yourself have previously applied for Social Security benefits, been denied, and gave up on your claim without filing an appeal because you mistakenly believed that you did not have a valid claim or found the process too confusing.

We cannot offer you a magic solution to this problem but we can give you some guidance. First, you need to understand the claims process and know your rights! Here are some questions you may need answered:

  1. Who qualifies for Social Security disability insurance benefits?
  2. How do I apply for Social Security disability benefits?
  3. When should I apply for Social Security disability benefits?
  4. How does the Social Security Administration define disability?
  5. What information is needed to establish a disability?
  6. What should I do when dealing with the Social Security Administration?
  7. When can I expect a decision on my claim?
  8. What should I do if my claim is denied?
  9. How do I appeal the decision made on my claim?

10.  What is the 5 Step Sequential Evaluation that the Social Security Administration uses to evaluate your claim disability benefits?

11.  How long may I receive the benefits if I am found disabled?

12.  Am I entitled to medical coverage?

13.  What can I expect at the hearing?

f y  If you have asked yourself these questions, please continue reading this SPECIAL BULLETIN on YOUR RIGHTS TO SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS.

My name is Nancy L. Cavey. I have been assisting clients with Social Security disability claims in Florida for 26 years. After graduating from law school, I concentrated her legal practice on representing applicants for Social Security benefits.

The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey is committed to assisting people who suffer from physical or mental conditions that prevent them from working and need assistance in obtaining the benefits they have earned.

We have created a FREE CD that will explain what you should know about filing for Social Security disability benefits and help you understand your rights! If you have not ordered the CD yet, do so now! It is FREE and the information it contains may mean the difference between being denied benefits or being paid the Social Security Disability benefits to which you are entitled. You can order this FREE CD by simply calling 1-800-433-0475, extension 2001 and leaving a message with your mailing address.

There is nothing worse than sitting on your hands and doing nothing. The process for applying for benefits is time-consuming, frustrating and frequently overwhelming. Unfortunately, far too many people are misinformed about their legal rights to Social Security disability and the claims process.

This misinformation can spell disaster. By ordering this Special Bulletin on the SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS PROCESS you've taken a step in the right direction toward getting what you are due. Now, let me give you some brief answers to the questions I am asked on a regular basis by people just like you who are anxious to learn their legal rights.

Keep in mind that these questions must still be discussed with a qualified Social Security Disability Attorney, but this will give you some understanding of these issues. The next, and most important step, however, is to get your Social Security Disability Rights analysis. Call our office today and schedule this important meeting and gain the knowledge you need to protect your legal rights.

*Click here for a FREE copy of "Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits"

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