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Why Won’t Some Lawyers Help Me File My Initial Application?

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At Cavey and Barrett, we believe that you should have representation to help you file your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately many attorneys only accept Social Security Disability claimants after they have received a denial of their Social Security Disability claim.

Sharon Barrett, a former Social Security Administration attorney, knows that turning away someone who needs help with the Social Security Disability application process is like telling someone who doesn’t know how to cook to get into the kitchen and contact the fire department once they’ve burnt the kitchen down!

At Cavey and Barrett, we know that having help during the initial application process can improve your chances of getting approved earlier. It even can reduce the amount of attorney’s fees that you have to pay.

The Social Security Disability claim’s process is confusing, at best. Sharon Barrett has written the free consumers guide, Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits.

For assistance with your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits, contact Social Security Disability benefit attorney Sharon Barrett at or 727-894-3188.

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