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What Should I Do If My Claim Is Denied?

If your claim is denied, you should file an appeal! Since a large number of decisions are reversed on appeal, it is WORTH YOUR TIME AND EFFORT!! In addition, if you do not file the appeal in the required time, you give up your right to appeal. If you change your mind and want to continue your claim, you have to start over with a new application, and that is not in your best interest because:

1. By repeatedly starting over, you add additional delays to an already lengthy process.

2. Disability claims are denied most of the time at the first two levels. You will have your best chance at a fair and objective decision when you appear before an Administrative Law Judge. But you will not get that opportunity unless you file the appeal and do so on time!

3. You risk losing benefits if the claim is eventually won because back benefits are only payable up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of the application.

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