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What Should A Long Term Disability Lawyer Do for You?

The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, who has been helping the disabled obtain their rightly owed benefits for almost three decades, are advocates throughout your time of need. As a Long Term Disability and ERISA lawyer, Nancy Cavey believes that her role is to:

1.   Educate clients about the Long Term Disability claim and litigation process.

2.   Gather written records and documents to support your claim, including medical employment records.

3.   Perform an investigation of your claim including interviewing doctors and employers.

4.   Read and analyze your Long Term Disability claim file.

5.   Meet and confer with your doctors and other health care providers to full understand your medical condition.

6.   Obtain reports from experts to support your claim, including a residual functional capacity evaluation.

7.   Analyze any pertinent legal issues that can affect your claim for Long Term Disability benefits.

8.   Obtain and analyze your medical records.

9.   Hire other experts to support or approve your claim including vocational rehabilitation counselors or functional capacity evaluators.

10. Develop a strategy to win your Long Term Disability claim.

11. Implement that strategy and make you an integral part of that strategy.

12. Prepare a detailed claims letter outlining the reasons why the Long Term Disability carrier has made a mistake in either denying or suspending your benefits and create a compelling and complete record to support your claim.

13.  Be prepared to file a lawsuit if you benefits are denied.

14.  Prepare you for and attend mediation.

15.  Prepare base emersion to support a motion for summary judgment.

16.  Analyze the results of the motion for summary judgment and if an appeal is warranted file an appeal.

Representing a Long Term Disability policy-holder whose claim has been denied is a significant responsibility one that Nancy Cavey, based on her personal experience, willingly accepts.

When you are interviewing a Long Term Disability Lawyer, ask what they can do for you in your time of need.

Nancy Cavey, Florida ERISA Long Term Disability lawyer has written a free, no obligation, consumer guide Robbed of Your Peace of Mind, what you need to know if your Long Term Disability benefits have been denied.

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