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What Does it Take to Collect Your Long Term Disability Benefits?

Long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey knows that disability carriers are notorious for delaying, denying and challenging your right to disability benefits. It takes persistence, experience and team work to get your long term disability benefits.

From the moment that you file your disability claim, your carrier is looking for a reason to deny your Collecting Long Term Disability Benefitsdisability benefits. One of the strategies that they employ is to use a disability guideline from a predetermined statistical duration after which you should be able to “return to work”. One of the leading guides long term disability carriers use is giving statistical guidelines.

Long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey knows that this is a common disability insurance company tactic and has first hand knowledge of the internal claims handling process of every major disability insurance company in the United States.

This knowledge allows her to identify any potential weaknesses in your disability claim and help you obtain the evidence necessary to show your ongoing entitlement to long term disability benefits.

Building your claim will require support by your physician to document that you have an objective basis for the diagnosis, and objective restrictions and limitations that prevent you from working in your occupation or any occupation.

It is essential that a trained physician document your medical records.

Medical records will not only reflect the actual problems that you have, but adequately explain your symptoms. So, if for example, you have arthritis, you should explain to the doctor at every appointment the limitations you have as a result of arthritis including your symptoms such as pain, stiffness, swelling and fatigue. You may even have emotional issues like anxiety or depression or difficulty sleeping which causes fatigue.

Your medical records should reflect the actual problems that you have as a result of your arthritis and the physical problems that you have. This should be done at every visit and ensure that your doctor properly documents your medical records with your disabling conditions.

Most doctors don’t have the time to generate detailed medical records and insurance companies will cherry pick your records for reasons to deny your claim based on insufficient support in your medical records.

That’s why long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey thinks that it is important that you give your doctor a detailed history that he can place in your chart. Additionally, she can review your records and work with you and your treating physician to make sure that that there is appropriate medical documentation to support your claim.

Don’t go it alone, contact long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey for assistance with your disability application.

Long term disability carriers don’t make it easy to get the long term disability benefits that you paid for. If your long term disability claim has been delayed or denied, Nancy Cavey can help you regardless of where you live in the United States.

Call her today and schedule a complimentary 30 minute long term disability evaluation to determine your rights to long term disability benefits under your policy.

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