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What Can I do to Speed my Social Security Disability Claim?

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If you haven’t filed a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, Sharon Barrett, former Social Security staff attorney, suggests that you do the following:

1.      You can file your claim for disability by contacting your local Social Security disability office and setting up an appointment, or you can apply online.

2.      Before you apply, make out a list of the doctors and medical facilities that you have been treated at together with the addressess of those who have treated you for your disability.

3.      Contact your providers and ask for a copy of the medical records.

4.      If the timing is right, take your medical records to your in person appointment with three copies, one for yourself, one for the Social Security Administration and one to keep if any of them get lost!

Having your medical records or submitting your medical records to the Social Security Administration to your claims examiner may help to shorten the time frame it takes to process your claim.

If you have any questions regarding the Social Security claim’s process, you can order our free no obligation copy of Social Security Disability claims attorney, Sharon Barrett’s book, “Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits,” at

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