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The Step by Step Formula to Speed Up Your Social Security Disability Claim

Did you know that it takes almost 16 to 18 months to work your way through the Social Security Disability claims process? First, you start out with an initial claim for benefits which, more often that not, is denied. YouSocial Security Disability Speed Up then have to file a request for reconsideration within 60 days of that initial denial and, unfortunately, once again, most Social Security Disability applicants claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied at the request for reconsideration stage. For those who are determined to get their Social Security Disability benefits (and you should) you should be filing an application for a hearing so that you can have a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge to present your evidence why you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

That process can take months and obviously is a very complex system.

Cavey and Barrett, a St. Petersburg Social Security Disability firm, knows that there are ways to speed up the process and increase your chances of a favorable Social Security Disability outcome.

The following tips will help you receive a timely income and positive result:

  1. Accurately complete all Social Security Disability forms. When you file your initial application and appeals process. You are going to be asked for information about your employment history, medical history and providers where you have had diagnostic studies performed. You can speed up the process by having complete and accurate information about your employment and medical providers including your address, phone numbers and types and dates of treatment.
  1. Notify your doctor. Your doctor is going to be sent a request for a Social Security Administration asking for your records. You want to encourage your doctor to provide all the information in your medical chart, but the one other tip is that you should review your doctors records to make sure that they support your claim. If not, you may have to change providers. Sometimes, doctors simply don’t want to cooperate with the Social Security Administration, while they may be busy, their office’s failure to timely send your records to the Social Security Administration will do nothing but delay the Social Security Disability decision.
  1. Report any changes to your representative or the Social Security office. If there is any change in your medical condition, including the diagnosis of a terminal condition, you should immediately advise any attorney who represents you or the Social Security Administration because of their compassionate allowances programs.
  1. Hire an experience Social Security Disability attorney. There are many things and experience Social Security Disability attorney, like Palm Harbor Social Security Disability attorney firm Cavey and Barrett can do to help speed up your Social Security Disability claim. That includes, gathering statements from friends and family, gathering your medical information, having your physicians complete residual functional capacity forms and preparing a request for a decision on a record. Asking for a request for a decision on the record if your claim file has been developed may result in a favorable decision without you having to go to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge.

If you have questions about your disability or about whether you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, contact Cavey and Barrett at 727-894-3188 for a free Social Security Disability evaluation.

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