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The Social Security Administration’s Secret About How Long You Have To Work Before You Can Be Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits

Age for Social Security Disability

As a requirement for becoming insured for Social Security Disability purposed you have to have worked a certain number of quarters in a certain period of time to be insured. Why Is My Age Important For Social Security Disability? The number of years you have to have worked to become insured depends on your age. Here are the number of years of work that are required to be eligible for Social Security Disability: Disabled Age: Number of Years of Worked Before 28 1.5 Before 30 2 Before 34 3 Before 38 4 Before 42 5 Before 44 5.5 Before 46 6 Before 48 6.5 Before 50 7 Before 52 7.5 Before 54 8 Before 56 8.5 Before 58 9 Before 60 9.5   Isn’t this complicated? It gets worse! You have to have worked...

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