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Stroke Robot Therapy Can Help Retrain Your Brain

If you suffered from a stroke, robotic technology using robot devices to assist your impaired limbs with performing with regular motions may help you regain strength and function.

One of the leading centers in the United States is the Emory MBNA Stoke Center at the Emory Clinic. Robotic assisted therapy can be an effective alternative to help those with stroke recover

If you have suffered a stroke and your physician has told you that you are unable to work, you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Disability Administration doesn’t make it easy for those who have had a stroke to get the Social Security Disability benefits that they deserve. If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits because of a stroke has been denied, contact St. Petersburg Social Security Disability attorney Nancy Cavey. Don’t forget that you have 60 days in which to appeal any denial of your claim. Give us a call to setup an appointment to talk about your Stroke, and the possible outcome of disability benefits because of it.

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