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Social Security Administration Cutting Customer Service Hours

Can you believe it! There is almost a 16 to 18 month wait to get Social Security Disability benefits in the Tampa area, yet, the Social Security Administration is going to be cutting it’s hours of operation at it’s 1,233 field offices for a second time in the last two years.

Shorter hours at Social Security offices shortchange Social Security Disability applicants. The administrative costs to run a Social Security Disability office are paid from the same trust fund that provides Social Security Disability benefits to 56 million Americans. Social Security spent $11.4 billion on administration costs this year.

Nancy Cavey, Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney, knows that the Social Security Administration provides critical service and guidance to Floridians seeking to be paid the Social Security Disability benefits they are entitled to as a result of a medical condition. We urge congress to fully fund the administrative budget of the Social Security Administration.

Cutting more than 5 hours from office schedules every week does nothing but truly delay the Social Security Disability claims process.

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