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Should I Handle My Own Long Term Disability Claim?

handle your own disability claim

Sure! Anyone can handle their own disability claim. However, it is rare for those who are unrepresented to be successful in an appeal to get the disability benefits they deserve.

Long term disability attorneys, such as Nancy Cavey, have the knowledge and experience to handle your long term disability claims.

Unfair carrier tactics

Many long term disability carriers will often take advantage of policy holders by employing unfair tactics to delay and deny your claim. They’ll ask for the same information over and over, contact your doctors needlessly and drag their feet before making a decision on your claim.

Having a long term disability attorney can put you on an equal footing. It sends the carrier a message that you’re serious about the handling, preparation and presentation of your long term disability claim. They know that you’re determined to get the long term disability benefits you deserve.

Be sure to check out our long term disability guide, “Robbed of Your Peace of Mind” written by our very own Nancy Cavey. This book is a useful tool when trying to navigate the long term disability claims process.

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