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September is Pain Awareness Month

According to a study by the Institute of Medicine, chronic pain affects more Americans than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. Over 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

If you have purchased a private group disability policy you might be entitled to long term disability benefits if you suffer from chronic pain.

Nancy Cavey, Florida based long term disability attorney, explains that “pain is a major consideration in many long term disability claims”. It’s important that your medical records document that there is an objective reason that you have pain and how your pain impacts your ability to run, walk, see, understand, respond and deal with pain. Many times the long term disability carriers fail to consider the impact of pain and dysfunction in evaluating a long term disability claim, dismissing those complaints as being “subjective”. If your long term disability carrier has denied your claim because of “pain”, you need to consult with an experienced long term disability attorney who can show that your pain is objectively based, is causing restrictions and limitations and impacts your ability to perform your own occupation. Don’t let the long term disability carriers denial to cause you more pain!

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