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Representing ING Disability Claims and Policy Holders in Florida

ING Insurance Claims and Policy HoldersING offers short term and long-term disability benefits through ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York.

ING employee benefits describes their approach through disability income insurance as “emphasizing a collaboration among our claims specialists and rehabilitation experts, health care profession and employer and employee for a timely return to work.” This is disability insurance code language for ING putting their heads together with their claims specialists, their doctors and their vocational rehabilitation counselors in an effort to deny your Long Term Disability benefits on the basis that you are capable of working. More information about this can be found at

ING employee benefits offers a variety of disability income insurance products by using a fully integrated program which involves collaboration among the disability claims specialists, medical providers and rehabilitation experts to assist policy holders in a return to work.

ING disability offers special claims targeted to companies who have 50 to 500 employees but offers individual disability income policies.

Nancy Cavey represents ING disability insurance policy holders and can answer your questions about your ING disability policy. If you are an ING policyholder who’s thinking about filing a disability claim, contact Nancy Cavey first to make sure that you don’t make errors in your disability claims application. If your ING claim has been disputed, denied or delayed contact ING disability attorney Nancy Cavey.

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