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Representing Hartford Group Insurance Disability Policyholders | Claims Denied

The Hartford Group Insurance | Disability Claim Denied LawyerThe Harford Group which was number one in group disability sales in 2005 also sells business overhead planned protection for business owners who suffer disability and can’t work. Business overhead coverage reimburses actual business expenses such as office rent, utilities and employees salaries. It is not uncommon for business owners or professionals to have both disability income benefits and disability business overhead insurance.

The Hartford has launched a campaign to give American workers information to protect their income by giving out “thousands of reusable shopping bags,” that contain this information. Hartford has begun its “second annual food for thought campaign,” and will distribute almost 240,000 totes to hundreds of healthcare and medical enrollers throughout the United States. The green and white bag has the words “every year I use this bag a tree grows another ring,” and “rethink, reuse and recycle.”

Under the guise of environmental protection Hartford is trying to get the word that workers can “take simple steps to protect their pay and our planet.”

While at Cavey and Barrett we applaud Hartford’s efforts to educate the United States workers about disability insurance, Hartford would be better served in spending its time actually paying short and Long Term disability benefits.

Nancy Cavey represents Harford Group policyholders such as doctors, lawyers and business lawyers who become disabled and unable to work. It is important before you even stop working to consult Nancy Cavey so that you can be assured that you have picked the right date of being disabled, that you have your financial house in order and that your doctors support your claim for disability benefits. Don’t stop working only to learn that your Hartford group disability income benefits and business overhead plan coverage is going to be delayed, denied, disputed or even terminated. Hartford group overhead plan disability attorney, Nancy Cavey, can be contacted at 727-894-3188.

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