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Representing CIGNA Disability Insurance Policyholders

CIGNA Corporation is the result of a 1982 merger between The Insurance Company of North America (INA) and Connecticut General. After the merger, the company refocused its product lines to position itself as a unified provider of managed healthcare by selling its individual insurance products division and withdrawing from the personal property/casualty business to focus on small and midsized commercial clients in the United States. In 1990, the company acquired EQUICOR (now AXA Equitable Life Insurance).

Unfortunately, Long Term Disability carriers target certain disability claims or claimants for disability termination. It is not uncommon for disability insurance companies to actively target certain types of medical conditions such as HIV/HEPC, HIV/AIDS, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue claims in a concerted effort to deny or terminate disability benefits because of the costs associated with these disability claims.

To this day, it is not uncommon of Long Term Disability carriers to also target high earning disability policyholders such as doctors, lawyers, architects and accountants. If you are a CIGNA policy holder whose claim for HIV/HEPC, HIV/AIDS, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue have been delayed or denied, contact attorney Nancy Cavey for assistance and representation in a CIGNA termination of your disability benefits. She can be reached at 727-894-3188.


  • Ronald Leonard
    Reply December 24, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Do you work with Prudential LTD disability claims. I have been terminated after 8 years of coverage for HIV related disability, ITP, chronic fatigue, diarrhea. Since the initial onset I have chronic degenerative disc disease, Memory disease and concentration problems.

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