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Refusing to Sign a Medical Authorization

Long Term Disability carriers commonly ask you to sign blanket medical releases that allow them to have any type of contact with your medical providers. This is much more than simply allowing them to get your records, the release allows their peer review doctors, nurses or even the adjuster to contact your doctors in an effort to have their medical provider agree that you can return to work in some capacity.

At The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, we instruct our clients to sign releases but we limit to them to securing medical records only.

We put an addendum in the release in bold that says “this release does not allow you to contact my doctors or providers directly in person or by phone. All contact with my doctors or providers must be in writing with a copy to me.”

Nancy Cavey, Florida’s leading Long Term Disability attorney, also sends a letter to our client’s treating physicians telling them the same thing. We don’t give them permission to talk to the bad guys!

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