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Qualifying For Social Security Disability Benefits Because of Absenteeism

Social Security Disability Benefits Absenteeism Attorney

The Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t make it easy for those who are disabled to get the Social Security disability benefits that they deserve.  You have to prove that your medical condition prevents you from doing substantial work on a continuous and sustained basis.  One way that you can prove that your medical condition has reduced your productivity by at least 15% is to document that your medical condition causes frequent absenteeism from the work place.

If you miss work because of medical appointments or the symptoms of your condition cause you to take at least two and, preferably, four days per month off from work, the SSA will likely approve your claim for disability.

What Other Factors Are Important In Proving My Reduce Productivity?

The SSA will also evaluate whether your medical condition causes problems with concentration, persistence or pace.

In other words, the SSA wants to know whether your medical condition prevents you from focusing well enough to do your work, stay on task and complete your job duties in a normal amount of time.

Unfortunately, people with disabilities can have trouble with concentration, persistence and pace not only because of mental symptoms such as depression or anxiety, but because of physical problems such as pain, side effects of medications and even fatigue.

Getting Help From An Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney Due to Absenteeism

You’ll need help from an experienced Social Security disability attorney to prove that your disability reduces your workplace efficiency by at least 15% and that you will be absent at least 10% or more on a monthly basis.

If your having problems performing at work, it’s time to consult Tampa Bay Social Security disability attorney, Nancy L. Cavey to learn more about your rights to Social Security disability benefits.

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