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Long Term Disability Scams Committed by CIGNA > Long Term Disability Scams Committed by CIGNA

Long Term Disability Scams Committed by CIGNA

CIGNA has an MO for denying Long Term Disability claims. I believe it’s almost become a pattern and practice.

Common trends that we see in CIGNA Long Term Disability claims denial is:

1.    Misrepresentation of the policy terms.

It’s not often that they’ll tell you that you are at the any occupation stage of the disability claim as opposed to your own occupation. They’ll even tell you that you have to apply for Social Security Disability, when the policy doesn’t actually require it.

It’s important in any CIGNA claim that you consult with an experienced CIGNA disability attorney such as Nancy Cavey who can review the denial letter and your policy to see whether or not CIGNA is playing fair.

2.    Making decisions to terminate and then, only after the fact, gather evidence to justify the denial.

ERISA rules and regulations require a full fair review of your claim. CIGNA is a fiduciary, which means that they are supposed to be acting in your best interest in considering your disability claim. CIGNA, rather, has a history of denying the claim and then justifying your denial after the fact. If your CIGNA claim for disability benefits has been denied for just this reason you need legal representation.

3.    Using a PAAF to misrepresent your functional capacity.

Any Long Term Disability carrier is going to deny your claim that there is medical evidence that you can work at least sedentary capacity. Sedentary is basically loosely defined as work that can be done sitting down, but which may involve standing and sitting, and upper body motion. CIGNA will take the medical records and cherry pick them so that they can conclude that you can work in at least a sedentary capacity.

Then they march blindly to a decision to terminate your benefits and, only after the fact, with one push justify their wrong decision.

If you are a CIGNA Long Term Disability carrier who has been ambushed by this pattern and
Practice, contact CIGNA disability benefits denied attorney Nancy Cavey. Don’t let CIGNA rob you of the benefits you deserve.