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Long Term Disability Insurance Company Peer Review Scams

Long Term Disability carriers only need a reason to deny your disability benefits and, the way they get that reason is to send your file to a handpicked peer review doctor. They will use firms that are set up all over the United States who have recruited doctors to review your medical records and write a report. Guess who’s making the money! First, it’s the peer review or company who hires these peer review doctors and ostensibly, trains them. They are trained to never use the work “disabled” and to always determine that the claimant is capable of working in at least a sedentary capacity. The doctor also makes a lot of money for rendering this opinion and unfortunately, the physician doesn’t even have to examine you to render this opinion. These doctors are regularly paid at least $100 per hour and can earn hundred of thousands of dollars per year for what is part time work, making their income for the insurance industry.

These doctors are well known within the Long Term Disability world and fortunately, the courts are beginning to recognize that these are nothing more than “bought” opinions.

In a recent article by the Daily Journal dated October 13, 2009 noted that in a review of five hundred and seventy six “federal law suits in California against top insurers, there were thousands of disabled Americans who sued for insurance benefits. In defending against these suits, the insurers typically hold up to the opinions of contract office’s evidence that the denial is legitimate.” The insurers have “an obvious incentive to keep these claims down: unlike medical leave or short term benefits that are sometimes paid by employers, Long Term Disability costs insurers directly. And in some cases, payments can span years, even decades.”

Long Term Disability carriers regularly rob you of your peace of mind by using their bought doctors. If your Long Term Disability claim has been denied on the basis of a peer reviewed doctor, immediately contact Long Term Disability denied lawyers at The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey for a free, no obligation, consultation.

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