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Long Term Disability Claims For Leukemia

Leukemia is a form of cancer of the bone marrow that can cause fatigue, weakness and bone pain. If you have a long term disability policy through your employer or you purchased one on your own, you may be entitled to long term disability benefits if your physician has told you that you are unable to work.

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Acute Leukemia

There are over 10,000 cases of acute leukemia (acute myelocytic leukemia or AML) diagnosed yearly in the United States. One third of the patients have a mutation of the FLT3 gene which produces abnormal enzymes that drive the production of leukemic cells. Experimental drugs are under development but, unfortunately, there are many toxic side effects of drugs used to treat acute leukemia. Those side effects can include tingling and numbness of the hands and feet, chronic fatigue and even diahrea.

Getting the long term disability benefits you deserve if you suffer from Leukemia

Many long term disability claims for leukemia are denied on the basis that there is no objective basis for restrictions or limitations and no causal relationship between your restrictions and your ability to do your own or any occupation.

Long term disability carriers routinely ignore the fatigue, weakness and side effects of the medication in evaluating disability claims. Once treatment has ended, many long term disability carriers think you are “cured.”

If your claim for long term disability benefits as a result of leukemia has been denied, contact leukemia attorney, Nancy Cavey, today who can help you get the long term disability benefits you deserve at 727-894-3188. We specialize in disease related disability claims.

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