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Is The Clock Ticking On Your ERISA Long Term Disability Benefits?

The clock is ticking on your ERISA long-term disability case.  Getting your long-term disability benefits can be challenging.  If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition and have applied for and been denied your disability benefits, you need to understand that the clock is ticking.

Retirement Income Security Act – Most long-term disability policies offered by employers are governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  If you have been denied long-term disability ERISA Long Term Disability Benefit Claimsbenefits, or your benefits were terminated, you will have 180 days to appeal the insurance company’s denial.  The appeal process is a crucial part of winning your disability claim.  Why?  If you have to file a lawsuit, a Federal judge will review the information in the long-term disability carrier’s file and what you submitted.

However, if you have never gotten the carrier’s file, including the adjusting notes, you have no clue what the real basis of the carrier’s denial was and how you can go about crafting a winning appeal.  Simply having your doctor say you are unable to work won’t cut it.

That’s why it is so crucial that you hire an experienced ERISA lawyer.  Not every lawyer has handled an ERISA disability case, so a family lawyer, criminal lawyer, or even a personal injury lawyer doesn’t have the experience necessary to understand the ERISA disability claims denial process.

Need A ERISA disability attorney?

If your medical condition makes it impossible for you to work and you have been denied your ERISA long-term disability benefits, Nancy Cavey, an ERISA disability attorney, can help you cut through the red tape and fight for your benefits no matter where you live in the United States.  You can learn more about the games long-term disability carriers play by ordering “Robbed of Your Peace of Mind?  Important Information on Long Term Disability Insurance Policies, the Claims Process, and How to Win Your Long Term Disability Benefits.”  You owe it to yourself and your family to understand the long-term disability claims process, ERISA disability denials, ERISA lawyer disability benefits denial.

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