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How to Answer the Question “Why You Can’t Work?” | Social Security Disability

During the course of your Social Security Disability claim you are going to be asked a very crucial question: “Why Can’t You Work?”

Why can’t you work eight hours a day, five days a week at a simple job? Most people don’t understand why that question is being asked because they think it is obvious why they can’t work. As a result, they give the “wrong” answer.

The Social Security Disability stage process as we discussed in earlier posts explains that you must establish a steps four and five that you can’t do the lightest job you have help in the last fifteen years and, at step five, there isn’t a job that you could do in the mythical national economy based on your age, education and transferable skills.

If you don’t understand what the administrative law judge is looking for in terms of proof you can give the wrong answer to the question “why you can’t work?”

You need to able to explain your physical or psychological problems that prevent you from bending, stooping, lifting and standing and working with others. Some of the answers administrative law judges shouldn’t here from you are:

1. I’d work but I can’t find a job.

This is not an unemployment case, it’s the Social Security Disability case. Your inability to find a job has nothing to do with the physical or psychological reasons why you can’t get a job.

By saying you can’t get a job you also are implying to the administrative law judge that, in fact, you can work, but you simply can’t find a job because of the economic conditions and not your physical condition.

2. My unemployment insurance ran out.

Duh? What does unemployment have to do with Social Security? Don’t look like you are daring the system.

3. I have no way to get to work.

Who cares? The Social Security Administration doesn’t care if you have to walk, ride, bike or a ride a bus or catch a ride with a friend. The issue is why you have physical difficulty riding in a car, including problems of bending, sitting and the need to change positions. It is also important to discuss the physical problems you have around your house that would be comparable to work activities, like bending over to put dishes in the dish washer or bending over put clothes in the washer and dryer. If you have difficulties doing those things, you certainly will have difficulty doing repeated bending in the work setting.

4. My employer went out of business because of the economy.

Again, who cares? The issue of whether or not there is a job available for you is irrelevant; the real question is whether or not you can perform the job.

At Cavey and Barrett, experience as a former Social Security Administration attorney, Sharon Barrett, will help you understand what you need to prove to win your Social Security Disability case and make sure that you answer the question “why you can’t work?” honestly and accurately. Contact us today for help with your Social Security Disability claim.

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