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How Long Will You Be Surveyed?

Surveillance cases are normally scheduled for a ten hour work day, 6am to 4pm. Most Long Term Disability carriers require investigators to check in with police or law enforcement on a daily basis.

Upon arrival, investigators normally take a time shot of your resident for at least 30 seconds. If it’s a gated community they’ll try to make special arrangements to gain access to your community on the pretext doing “work.”

Thereafter, most Long Term Disability carriers require that the investigator take time shots of 15 seconds at the beginning of every hour and a final time shot of thirty seconds at the end of the final hour.

Most Long Term Disability carriers also require that the investigators have time entries in their report and state what the video shows.

Investigators are also required to contact the adjuster at regular intervals during the course of the day via a surveillance coordinator.

If you are a Long Term Disability applicant or recipient who suspects that they are being surveyed, order Nancy Cavey’s free book and be sure to contact her at The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey.

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