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Have your Social Security Benefits Been Denied Twice?

Many Social Security Disability applicants are denied Social Security Disability benefits and, regrettably, give up. We know, at Cavey and Barrett, your Tampa Bay/ St. Petersburg area Social Security Disability attorneys, that it can take many months to get a decision on your Social Security Disability claim. Nationwide, only 30% of initial disability claims are successful. Expect to be denied. Your only recourse is to file a Request for Reconsideration and, unfortunately, you are going to be denied again. Only 15% of reconsideration appeals nationwide are successful.

Do not give up. Why? Because statistically, the Social Security Administrative Law Judge overturns 40-60% of all disability claims that were previously denied at the first two stages.Your initial claim and Request for Reconsideration is decided by someone who just reviews the medical records. It is not until you have a chance to present testimony to a Federal Administrative Law Judge that you can really persuade the Social Security Administration of your impairment, explain the severity of your symptoms, and the impact that they have on your functioning.

One of the unknown Social Security Disability secrets is to never give up. Cavey and Barrett, your Social Security Disability benefits denied attorneys with its office located in St. Petersburg, Florida, are here to help you. Sharon Barrett, Social Security Disability attorney, has written the book “Your Rights to Social Security Disability.” For a free, no obligation copy, click here.

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