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Hartford Scams and Your Treating Physician

Long Term Disability carriers collected your premium to make money not pay your benefits. One of the ways that Long Term Disability carriers, such as Hartford, set up and scam you is by asking your treating physician to check off boxes on attending physician statement forms and submit progress notes.

Hartford then pays big bucks to its peer review doctors to review your physician’s progress notes and attending physician statements in response to a completely different set of questions from the claims manager. These questions include such infamous questions such as:

1. Are your complaints supported by objective evidence?

Answer: The insurance company doctors’ answer is rarely.

2. Is there any objective reason why you can’t work?

Answer: Same response as above.

3. Are your doctor’s restrictions and limitations supported by the medical boards?

Answer: No.

4. Based on your review of the medical records what do you find?

Answer: The long term disability applicant’s physical capabilities are (at least sedentary).

If this was really a full and fair review as the ERISA law requires, Hartford would be asking your doctor the same questions it pays big bucks to their consulting physicians. Rather than play fair, they would rather pay big bucks to their doctors to get the answers they want so that they can deny your disability benefits.

Hartford should be afraid of this set up and scam. If your Long Term Disability carrier is quibbling with your doctor about your disability, or has sent your doctors attending physician reports to their peer review doctor, you better know that you are in trouble, you are being set up for a scam.

Long Term Disability lawyer Nancy Cavey can teach your doctor how to correctly and accurately complete the attending physician forms.

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