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Hartford Loses Long Term Disability Fibromyalgia Claim

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Disability Carriers don’t like fibromyalgia disability claims and often deny a fibromyalgia claim because of a “lack of objective medical evidence.”

So What Happened In Teri Haning’s Claim For Disability Benefits

Ms. Haning was treated for over twenty years for fibromyalgia and depression. Yet, Hartford rejected the opinions of her treating physicians and denied her claim. She filed a lawsuit. The Court found that Hartford’s exclusive reliance on a series of file reviewers or paid consultants showed that the benefits termination was arbitrary and capricious.

The Court commented “Hartford relied on an overly crabbed view of what constitutes “objective medical evidence” and “documented clinical findings.” The Court acknowledged that fibromyalgia nor depression easily lends itself to laboratory results or other quantitative medical testing. Teri Haning, Plaintiff v. The Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company, No. 2:14-cv-308, 2015 WL 5729342 (S.D. Ohio Spet. 30, 2015).

Congratulations to Ms. Haning!

Unfortunately, that may have not been a result of the 11th Circuit, where some Judges will routinely agree that file reviews by paid consultants would insist on objective medical evidence and documented clinical findings is just okay.

What Should I Do If My Fibromyalgia Claim Has Been Denied?

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