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Guardian Life Insurance Company Increases its Long Term Disability Benefits

The Guardian Life Insurance Company recently announced in April 2010 that they have reduced premiums for its Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability choice plans. They’ve raised the maximum Short Term Disability benefits to $1,500, and the maximum Long Term Disability benefits from $2,500 to $10,000.

Despite reducing the premiums and increasing its coverage, purchasing disability insurance company can be difficult. Maybe people are attracted simply by the price of what they perceive the benefits to be if they become disabled. Reading the fine print in the Short or Long Term Disability policy is crucial. You can be robbed of your peace of mind by Short and Long Term Disability companies like Guardian Life Insurance Company who sells you products you don’t fully understand.

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  • Lucy
    Reply August 4, 2012 at 10:03 am

    They’re terrible. Don’t pay for it. One big scam. I was just denied because a nurse case mgr there thinks they know better than 5 doctors including a neurosurgeon, an orthoepedic surgeon, and 5 other dr’s that all agreed my injury is a NEW injury not pre-existing like Guardian claims. They denied based on a drug called neurontin that I’ve been taking for 8 yrs because a dr 1 1/2 yrs ago re-newed this prescription SO they turn it down? Why not call me? I have to NOW go through an appeal process to get a lousy $1000 out of them. They’re a JOKE! There’s also a 90 day waiting period that they didn’t bother to tell me about until a month ago. This is 5 mos after the fact. One more thing…one more thing. That’s what they kept doing to stall the process. Then they turned it down forcing me to now go through an appeal process. I will but I need the money now.

  • lyn
    Reply August 13, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    I agree with Lucy. Guardian does suck! I mean you pay your premiums all of those years and when you get hurt..they don’t give a f about you. Afte ra year on short term disability my case turned into a long term..well after four months of no money .i was approved.and yet they told me to not spend the money incase i have to give it back in order to claim social security if my case is permenant…I’m like..what! So whats the point Guardian if you’re going to try all your might not to pay a cent out to me. The worst part was when one of the nurses accused me of trying to live off the short term. Wow! I documented that down and reported can you be so cruel!

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