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Florida’s Move Over Law and Florida First Responders

Did you know that Florida has a MOVE OVER law that requires drivers to pull over or slow down to 20 mph below the speed limit when Florida First Responders have their sirens on? Unfortunately, many Florida drivers don’t know about the law (despite this being covered in the Florida driver’s manual) or just flat out ignore the way as they busily go about their personal business.

Florida has started a new public awareness program and should, in my opinion, team up with all the cell phone carriers in Florida and have a text message sent to every cell phone in Florida reminding them about this important law. There is also going to be a crackdown on driver’s who don’t pull over.

In fact, several Pinellas Park police officers were injured Labor Day weekend when responding to an emergency and where struck by a driver not paying attention!

We applaud enforcement of this law!

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