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Fast Track Social Security Disability Determination Programs

The Social Security Administration has established five fast track programs to speed up the claims process. These include:

1. Quick Disability Determinations (QDD). The
Quick Disability Determination process uses a predicative model to electronically determine claims where there is a “high potential that the claimant is disabled.” Social Security statistics show that 3% of all applications go through QDD processing. The designated QDD examiner has to confirm that there is available medical evidence in the file that can establish that there is both a chronic physical or mental disability. These conditions include end stage renal disease and some forms of cancer.

2. Compassionate Allowances. The Compassionate Allowance Program targets 25 cancers and 63 other medical conditions. These medical conditions can include adult brain disorders and the medical conditions that are so severe that they clearly meet the established medical criteria.

Once the medical diagnosis is confirmed, the claimant is approved in a matter of days as opposed to the almost two years it takes in the Tampa Bay area for a Social Security Disability claim to be confirmed.

3.Terminal Illness Cases (TERI). Social Security Disability applicants with untreatable medical impairments such as ALS or AIDS, malignant cancers that are metastatic stage IV or even lung cancers, are qualified as terminal illnesses that merit special handling and expedited award of Social Security Disability benefits.

4.Military Service Casualty Cases and Wounded Warrior Programs. The Social Security Administration will fast track or processing of disability claims by military service members who were seriously injured while on active duty on or after October 1, 2001. The service member’s medical condition must have lasted at least one year and they must be unable to do substantial work because of their medical condition. Most military service causality cases will require physical examination.

5.Presumptive Disability and Blindness Cases. If you have a qualifying presumptive impairment such as the amputation of two limbs, amputation of the right of the hip, total blindness, total deafness, a stroke which has caused problems with hands, arms or walking, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, that can be a presumed level of conditions resulting in the award of Social Security Disability benefits. Presumptive disability cases have to meet the severity condition and last at least a year.

You or a family member may qualify for one of these expedited Social Security disposition programs. For information regarding the Social Security Disability claims process, contact Social Security Disability lawyer Sharon Barrett today to help you with your claims. Use the form to the right side of this page or call us at 727-894-3188.

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