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Ex-Cop Commits Social Security Disability Fraud and Steals $155K in Benefits

At The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, we don’t represent people who steal Social Security Disability benefits while working. In a recent article about an ex-cop who did just that, author Stephen Leiberman  of  The Journal  wrote on January 7, 2009 :

A retired Ramapo police officer has pleaded guilty to federal charges of stealing $144,002 after admitting he  worked  as  a security guard in Nyack schools while receiving Social Security disability payments.

John Patrick Miller, 62, a Sloatsburg resident and officer from 1969 to 1991, joined retired New York City Police Officer James P. Fox in pleading guilty to Social Security disability fraud. . . . 

Miller claimed he was disabled to collect federal benefits from January 2001 until April 2008, but worked as a security guard at the same time.

It is illegal to collect Social Security disability payments if you make more than a specified maximum income.

“He was working while claiming he was disabled,”

Miller pleaded guilty to Social Security fraud Dec. 3 before U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas at the federal courthouse.

As part of his sentence, Miller must make restitution of $144,002 to the federal government and potentially pay a fine of as much as $250,000, Hadad said.

Defense attorney Vincent Briccetti of White Plains said yesterday that his client has accepted responsibility for his actions.

Briccetti said the sentence would be determined by the judge and that Miller hoped for the best possible outcome. He noted Miller’s community work, including being a veteran and commander of his veterans organization.

“He’s a wonderful guy who has given tremendously to his community,” Briccetti said. “Unfortunately, people make mistakes.”

Miller could get a sentence similar to that of Fox, 50, who was a New York City cop from 1971 to 1980. Fox pleaded guilty in August to stealing $150,316 in Social Security disability benefits. He also faced 10 years behind bars, but his sentencing judge said the sentencing guidelines ranged from 12 to 18 months.

Judge Stephen Robinson sentenced Fox to probation and ordered him to pay $150,000 in restitution to the federal government. Fox is expected to spend six months confined to his home wearing an electronic monitoring device.

Cheaters are cheaters and evey Social Security awardee is hurt by fraud.

Answering these broad-based questions isn’t easy. Help is a phone call away. You can contact Nancy Cavey, an experienced long-term disability attorney at 727-894-3188.

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