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Dr. Amy Hopkins and Your Long Term Disability Claim

In a blockbuster article, “Doctors Paid to Aid Insurers in Disability Claims Denial,” Daily Journal staff writer Evan George exposed Dr. Amy Hopkins for what she is. Dr. Hopkins is routinely hired by Long Term Disability carriers to do peer review analysis of Long Term Disability claims.

Dr. Hopkins is an occupational medicine specialist who has been paid “$493,832 for file reviews from 2001 to 2004 from just one company.” Her opinions have been challenged in lawsuits repeatedly. In 2004 a Federal Judge in Pennsylvania described Dr. Hopkins approach to disability claims as a “pick and choose approach” that “ignored evidence and completely mischaracterized” the treating “physicians notes in order to deny a claim.”

It is not uncommon for Dr. Hopkins to use the same language to “explain why different people suffer from different diseases or so disabled that they couldn’t hold a job”-“whatever the insured is suffering from is not necessarily found in and of itself a disabling disorder.”

Dr. Hopkins is clearly putting her financial gains before that of her Hippocratic oath as a physician. If your Long Term Disability claim has been denied as a result of a peer review for Dr. Amy Hopkins, you need assistance from an experienced Long Term Disability attorney.

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