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Doctor to Doctor Calls and Your Long Term Disability Claim

Long Term Disability companies, including UNUM, routinely make doctor to doctor calls to persuade your doctor that you are capable of working. It always looks better for UNUM when they deny your claim if your physician supports that denial.

Did you know that UNUM will cold call doctors when they are busy hoping to catch them when they are short of time and don’t have time to really focus on your case in their discussion with the doctor?

Unfortunately, it’s also common for doctor to doctor calls to be totally twisted by the carrier physician.

At Cavey and Barrett, your Florida disability attorneys, we routinely revoke carrier authorizations to have one on one doctor calls, we modify the release so that they are required to notify you of the call, allow you to be present, and allow for the phone call to be recorded.

Quite frankly, we don’t think your treating physician should have any discussion with the Long Term Disability carrier unless you have a disability attorney like Nancy Cavey who will prepare your doctor for the tricks that will occur during this doctor to doctor call.

Protect yourself from these sneaky doctor to doctor calls that can result in a denial of your Long Term Disability claim.

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