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You have made a wise decision to get this book so you understand before you stop working what you have to prove to get your benefits, how much you will get and how strategic planning can make all the difference.

CIGNA Disability Insurance Claim Denials

You must understand the tricks and games disability carriers like CIGNA make every day to improve their bottom line by denying or terminating benefits. It is not and has never been about being faithful to the promise they make to you when you bought your policy and paid premiums or doing right when you desperately need your disability insurance benefit.

CIGNA and LINA’s History- Who is Who?

Are you confused about whether the name of the company is Cigna or LINA or both? Let’s look at Cigna’s history which is much like all insurance companies.

The Insurance Company of North America (INA) got its start in Philadelphia in 1792 as the first marine insurance company in the United States. The Connecticut General Life Insurance Company was formed in 1865. These companies merged in 1982 to created CIGNA.

Where does LINA come into the picture? LINA is the Life Insurance Company of North America and was founded in 1956. It offers group life, accident and disability insurance and is a subsidiary of Connecticut General.


CIGNA’s Umbrella of Companies

Cigna is the parent company of Connecticut General and LINA and they all operate under the same business model. I lump them under the umbrella of Cigna.

Cigna is an American based worldwide company that provides medical, dental, disability, life and accident insurance through employers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, unions and associations. It had a yearly revenue of 41.616 billion dollars in 2017 in the United States alone.

It has been accused by the Securities Exchange Act of earnings manipulation, has a history of denying 39.6% of group health claims in California alone, and has a history of biased disability claim administrative.

Cigna entered into a regulatory settlement agreement for the use of biased medical and vocational providers and its failure to give appropriate weight to a Social Security disability award in its disability claims decision.

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The result was a temporary correction in Cigna’s claims handling process. However, unfortunately, it has, in my opinion, returned to the bad behavior that got it into trouble, to begin with. Only now, Cigna knows how to cover its tracks much better.

CIGNA’S Current Disability Claim Denial Strategies

Cigna is back to playing games with initial applications and making endless and multiple requests for medical, financial and vocational information before it figures out a way to deny benefits. This delay and denial strategy drains the policy holder’s bank accounts as they try to stay financially afloat.

Cigna is back to its old tricks by using “liar for hire” doctors who give Cigna the ammunition it needs to justify a claims denial or termination. Cigna rarely tells a denied policyholder the real reasons the claim was denied. Worse yet, Cigna fails to fully explain what the denied policy holder needs to submit to successfully win an appeal.

That’s why it is crucial that you be represented at both the initial application and appeal stages of a Cigna claim by an experienced lawyer, like me, who battles Cigna daily.

What You Need To Do If You Have Been Denied in Your CIGNA Disability Insurance Claim

Some Cigna policy holders make the mistake of going it alone and they pay dearly for “doing it yourself.” We recommend you hire a seasoned professional attorney that knows how to take on the big insurance companies on your behalf. Call us today at 727-894-3188 to start the process with a free disability review consultation. Do not go at it alone, call us today.