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Disability Claims and the Side Effects of Medication

It is not uncommon for disability insurance companies to cherry pick medical records and pick out on the medical records those things which they believe supports a delay or disability claims denial. At The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, your Florida disability attorneys, we think it’s important that your medical records document any side effects that you are having with medication and their impact on your functioning.

If, for example, you are a surgeon and you are having side effects from a cardiac medication you are taking for your cardiac disease, the side effects of the medication alone can limit your ability to practice or even result in total disability. As another example, you might be a lawyer who has a chronic pain problem, if you have side effects from medication that cause cognitive problems, your medical records should reflect the medication you are taking, the side effects you are having the problems that it is causing you with your functioning. There are a number of courts throughout the United States who have awarded disability benefits as a result of the side effects of medication, even if those limitations aren’t directly critical they are underlying your medical condition.

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