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Confused About Medicare Benefits? Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

What: Medicare Benefits and Your Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people are confused about how long it takes to wait after you’ve received Social Security Disability benefits and to become eligible for Medicare. Some people are confused and think that they have to wait an additional two years after they’ve been approved for Social Security Disability benefits to begin receiving their Medicare. In reality, you become eligible for Medicare benefits, in most cases, in the twenty fifth month of Social Security disability entitlement.

If you have any questions about your rights to Social Security Disability benefits or Medicare benefits, the Social Security Disability lawyers at Cavey and Barrett can answer your questions. Don’t give up on your Social Security Disability claim if you are denied.

The Social Security Disability system can be discouraging. 2/3 of all individuals who apply for disability give up after being denied the first time. Nationwide, about 70% of all claims are denied at the initial application stage and request for reconsideration. Unfortunately, here in Florida, the numbers are even higher, almost 90%.

But for those that who don’t give up and request a disability hearing will get their Social Security Disability benefits, particularly if you are represented. You stand a very good chance of winning your disability benefits by being persistent!

If you’ve given up, you should start all over again. Unfortunately, you may lose a period of disability benefits, but eventually winning your benefits it better than nothing.

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