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Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits For My Lifetime Or Will They Be Cut Off?

There is absolutely no guarantee that you will continue to receive Social Security Disability benefits for your lifetime. Your Social Security Disability benefits could be suspended or even terminated if there is an improvement in your medical condition or you return to work.

Most Social Security Disability claimants will typically have their benefits continued after a continuing disability review which are done approximately every 3 years.

If you feel that you are able to work in some capacity the Social Security Administration won't penalize you. You can attempt a trial work period of time, where you can work for nine months with no limit on the amount of your earnings to see if you are capable of working.

This nine month trial period can occur anytime within a five year period of time and it doesn't have to be a consecutive nine months.

If you are able to perform what's called substantial work activity in the tenth month, your disability benefits will be suspended. However, you will then be granted what's called an extended period of eligibility (EPE), which is a 36 month period in which you can stop work at anytime and be reinstated regardless of how much you were making. Beware however in that 36 month EPE has passed, any month in which you have earned more that your benefits will be terminated.

What happens if you become disabled again as a result of the same medical condition? You might be able to file for an expedited reinstatement at any time within five years of your previous disability termination months.

All Social Security Disability claims are reviewed periodically and there are times when benefits are terminated improperly. If you've been receiving Social Security Disability benefits and the Social Security Administration has advised you that they will suspend or terminate your Social Security Disability benefits, you need to immediately contact Social Security Disability suspended attorney Nancy Cavey, who practices Social Security Disability law in the Pinellas Pasco Hillsborough county areas. Nancy can be reached at 727-894-3188.

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