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Buerger’s Disease and Your Long-Term ERISA Disability Claim

Buerger’s disease, which is also known as thromboangitits obliterans, is a vascular disorder that primarily affects cigarette smokers. It causes narrowing or blockage of the veins and arteries of the legs or arms which can make it difficult if not impossible to work.

If you have an ERISA disability policy, you may be entitled to your disability benefits because of Buerger’s disease if you can’t perform your own or any other occupation.

My father became disabled, in part, because of Buerger’s disease, and had extreme pain, cramping,  numbness and tingling with ulcers on his legs. He stopped work and applied for his disability benefits.

Symptoms Disability Carriers Don’t Get about Buerger’s Disease

The first signs of Buerger’s disease is pain in the lower arms or legs while at rest, with cramping. People with Buerger’s disease develop sores on the arms or legs and painful numbness and tingling. Ulcerations may form on the tips of the toes or fingers which are very painful and impede the ability to walk and do simply things like hold a pen. The lack of normal blood flow can also make it difficult to stand and/or use your hands.

Disability carriers don’t understand the pain associated with Buerger’s or the impact of the ulcers on a person’s ability to be in public.

Sometimes, arteries and veins of the intestines cause a heavy sensation and pain in the abdomen which can make sitting uncomfortable. 

Because of these symptoms, anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants and vasodilators can be prescribed which can also cause side-effects that impact your ability to work.

Surgery to address the nerve pain and blood supply can also be recommended.

It is unfortunate that disability carriers don’t appreciate the impact these symptoms have or how the side effects of treatment can give rise to an ERISA disability claim. If you’ve been denied a claim, contact our MassMutual disability claims attorney today.

Why Cavey Law?

Nancy Cavey understands the pain and disabling potential of Buerger’s disease. She also understands that disability insurance carriers often either misunderstand or else know nothing whatsoever about the disease. Please call our office at 727-894-3188 for a free consultation and a chance to get the disability benefits you deserve.    

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